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Sandwick Junior High School

Serving the South of Shetland (see Map)

Sandwick Junior High School is housed in a modern, spacious building, opened in 1984. It was well equipped by the Local Authority, and has lately been upgraded with much better disabled access, and facilities for Special Educational Needs.

The School currently provides Primary Education for the village of Sandwick, Nursery Education for a wider area, and Secondary Education for children from the districts of Sandwick, Cunningsburgh, Bigton and Dunrossness. As this photo from our Science Department archives shows, it can be a "hair-raising" experience - remember this, Shona?

Our Nursery Department provides free places for 3- and 4-year olds, with either a morning or afternoon session every weekday. Each session caters for a maximum of 15 children.

The next step is to the Primary Department, which has 90 pupils in 7 classes, accommodated in 5 classrooms. The work done with their class teachers is supplemented by specialist teaching for Art, Knitting, Music and PE. Classwork has much more variety than most of us would remember from our schooldays, and is being enriched by project work, technology, field studies, foreign language and trips - 1995 saw a very successful trip to West Norway.

In August each year, an intake from Cunningsburgh, Dunrossness and Sandwick Primaries move into the Secondary Department at Sandwick, to form the new Secondary 1, and remain there to study for their Standard Grade examinations, and SCOTVEC Short Courses up to the end of Secondary 4. Our current Secondary roll is about 167.

We offer a very full range of Standard Grade courses, but have to admit that we don't yet have classes in Latin, Economics or Gaelic!

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Cunningsburgh - its name comes from the Old Norse konungr (a king). The area still has a strong agricultural tradition, but is also very conveniently placed for commuting to Lerwick. This has led to a big increase in the population of the area in the last 20 years or so. A hard-working committee stages Shetland's biggest agricultural show every August.

Sandwick (O.N. Sand Vik or sandy inlet) This place name occurs in many areas of Shetland, but "our" Sandwick is by far the biggest. The village has grown to meet housing needs since 1970, and many workers commute daily to Lerwick or Sumburgh Airport. It has 2 shops with bakeries, a garage, knitwear factory, the Warp and Weft Visitor Centre, plus of course t he School, with the South Mainland Swimming Pool alongside.

Bigton (O.N. Bygg Tun - Bygg is barley) A pleasant and relatively uncongested district, with marvellous views to the West. Again, it has grown in recent years. You can walk across the sandy tombolo to St Ninian's Isle, where a hoard of silver treasure was unearthed in 1955.

Dunrossness (Dynr - a noise, and rost - a strong current, referring to the strong tides which sweep past Sumburgh Head). This parish has some of the best agricultural land in Shetland, producing quality livestock and vegetables. It also has several hundred jobs connected with Sumburgh Airport, which expanded rapidly with North Sea Oil.

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